Iridium Satellite Photographs

The following pictures were taken at the National Air & Space Museum at Washington, D.C. The satellite consists of flight qualified hardware (built to flight standards but not flown due to environmental tests) and engineering test equipment. The satellite is believed to be complete with exception of attitude control electronics, propellent tanks and NiH batteries. Poor lighting conditions resulted in less than ideal images.

Iridium Satellite
View of two of the three Main Mission Antennas hinged at the base of the three sided satellite
View of one of the Main Mission Antenna. The hinged base is on the right side.
Iridium Satellite Base
Looking up at the base of the three-sided Iridium Satellite with all three MMA showing.
Iridium Satellite
Another view of the base of the satellite (left) with two MMA showing.
Iridium Satellite
A larger overview photo showing the gimbled solar arrays.
Iridium Satellite
A closer view of the gimbled solar arrays at the top of the satellite.

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