Re: Yes, it was the Kupon Platform!

Leigh Palmer (
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 00:33:49 -0800

>Here's what I could find out about the Kupon object that just
>re-entered.  It was associated with a Russian Proton booster that
>launched a satellite Nov 12th 1700 UT from the Baikonur
>cosmodrome in Kazahkstan.  The satellite itself (which did not
>re-enter) will be used by the Central Bank of Russia for global
>accounting and communications.
>The object re-entered 2 orbits earlier than the target prediction,
>but within Alan's +/- 3 hour window.  Nice job, Alan.  It's nice
>that a lot of people got to see this one.  Who would have imagined
>clear weather over the Northwest in November!  ;-)
>Craig Cholar

It was spectacular, and a good home videotape was made of the
reentry, which passed right over us here in Vancouver. We are now
going on thirteen consecutive sunny days, tying the record for
November. This is the most spectacular reentry I've seen, and I
only saw the last minute of it while the brightest fragments were
slowly going out. They looked like they were nearby burning
objects falling from the sky. My wife was sure they were fireworks.
We both knew they weren't meteors.