Re: Raduga 33 decay: USSTRATCOM final report

From: Bill Mitchell (
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 11:44:45 EDT

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    From Erie, PA I saw that same incredible pass from 06:15 to 06:17
    UTC.  Max altitude of 60 degrees at Az 30 from 40.072N, 80.143W.  For
    me it was at least -3 magnitude with the plasma trail Ted mentioned
    BUT there were two bright objects following approximately 30 and 35
    seconds behind the satellite estimated -2 magnitude.  The two objects
    disintegrated just past max altitude at a few degrees above delta
    draconis.  Raduga 33 kept on at the same intensity until I lost it
    behind the trees in the East.  No other pieces noted although too bad
    the moon was full.  My first decay, woo-hoo!  That pass is burned in
    my skull, I'll never forget it.  Amazing.  Did anyone get any pics or
    Bill Mitchell
    --- Ted Molczan <> wrote:
    > I observed it in the early stages of decay, and it appeared to be
    > intact when
    > last seen, about 06:17:40 UTC, 10 deg above my S.E. horizon, when
    > it was near
    > 40.9 N, 75.5 W.
    > Ted Molczan
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