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From: Daniel Laszlo (
Date: Fri Dec 30 2011 - 16:35:04 UTC

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    Hi All,
    I have not used the app.  By tapping on the Ratings button in the App
    Store it brings up reviews, but all but one are for older versions.
    Overall rating is 4.5.  It can track up to 1000 sats, give look angle
    tables, Earth map plots and sky plots.  Can adjust the time rate.
    Filter for passes by minimum altitude, brightness, +/- sunlit.
    Computes Iridium flares.  Can set alarm to alert for impending pass.
    "Uses full 'revised' SGP4 and SDP4 orbit propagation algorithms ...
     Some highlights of the reviews are:
    2011 ***  Great app but hard to use.  Study the online docs.  Very
    complicated app.  Watch out for old satellite data.  Causes math
    errors and satellites to jump all over the sky.
    2010 ***** The most robust and comprehensive ... Unbelievably easy to
    use and the most flexible of the sat apps.  Worth every penny because
    you won't need 3 or 4 different apps to get the info and views you
    2010 ***** Keeps getting better!  Updates still coming out?
    Fantastic!  Just when you think it has it all a new update comes out
    with features ya only thought about but had no time to suggest.
    2009 *****  History of excellence.  ... Pocketsat has roots in the
    Palm OS ... it is totally rewritten and extremely iPhone/iPod touch
    friendly... data is easily downloaded from reliable sources ... can
    plan ahead by setting the block of time you want to see passes ...
    working screens are pleasant to work with ... author is approachable
    and responsive ... I show it off during my ham satellite presentations
    ... it never fails to impress ...
    2009 ***** I've been using PocketSat on PalmOS for years and was
    delighted when it became available for the iPhone/iPod ... Jim is
    constantly tweaking ... receptive to user suggestions ... favorite
    features include night vision mode, display of reference stars,
    flexible TLE import and organizing options.  A bit on the pricey side
    ... my experience with PocketSat products in the past is you get your
    money's worth.
    The author recommends a look at  to see the
    documentation, visit their user forum get a feel for the learning
    BTW  I am a happy user of SkySafari Pro for common satellite pass
    simulation and ID of Clarke belt sats I stumble onto.  Sky Safari does
    not give you look angle tables.  It is a very capable planetarium app.
    Dan Laszlo
    NCAS Ft Collins CO USA
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    > > This is expensive (in Apple App Store terms) item. Unfortunately it has no user feedback
    > > available.
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    > > If you have used it, I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences.
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    > > Probably best done offline.
    > It's on-topic, so please feel free to discuss via the list.
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