Soviet Sputnik engineer dies at age 99

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Date: Sun Dec 25 2011 - 21:08:28 UTC

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    NYTIMES article here:
    By an odd coincidence, Boris Chertok was born in Lodz, now Poland,
    then Russia, my dad's birthplace, nine years to the day after my
    dad---assuming the date provided in the article is in New Style. My
    dad was born Feb 16, 1903 Old Style, which converts to March 1 in
    non-Leap Years and Feb 29 in Leap Years. Chertok's March 1 birthday
    was in a Leap Year and my dad's was not, so their birthdays would have
    been a day apart if the NYTIMES date was converted from Old Style:
    Dad: Feb 16, 1903 Old Style ---> Mar 1, 1903 New Style
    Chertok: Feb 17, 1912 Old Style --->: Mar 1, 1912 New Style
    So in New Style they have the same birthday, in Old Style they're a
    day apart. Old Style was in use until after the Russian Revolution in
    1918 or thereabouts.
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