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Date: Sat Dec 24 2011 - 13:45:04 UTC

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    Thanks for the messages about the new SpaceTrack TLE, which I saw  
    after my posting yesterday, too. Like a number of you, I've automated  
    a TLE retrieval process for selected objects, which gets activated  
    late each day.
    It seems that Luch-5A, at least according to NORAD/JSpOC tracking, is  
    currently in a stable geostationary orbit at about 58.5 degrees east.  
    Perhaps Roscosmos will do the testing and commissioning of the  
    satellite at this location before moving it to the earlier announced  
    destination of 16 degrees west. See my GPS World Innovation column  
    article for details on the use of Luch satellites for the System for  
    (GNSS) Differential Correction and Monitoring:
    -- Richard
    On 24-Dec-11, at 3:28 AM, Greg Roberts wrote:
    > Good morning Richard
    > Re the above satellite. It is well placed for visibility from my  
    > location but I wonder if it is actually lost- Ive just checked at  
    > SPACETRACK and they have orbital elements for it for epoch day 355  
    > which indicates its in a goestationationary orbit.
    > However, if its clear tonight, I will have a look for it as well as  
    > get positional information as it should be an easy target.
    > best wishes
    > Greg.
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