RE: Phobos Grunt - Request for flare data

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Dec 10 2011 - 15:19:30 UTC

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    Simone Corbellini wrote:
    > I am working on the observed flares to analyze PhG orientation and apparently I
    > obtained
    > something very interesting, however, I need more data to validate the
    > results.
    > At present I used only my reported flares and the one reported by Brad.
    > Yesterday Vitaly
    > listed several other flares. Are they reported somewhere? I need observer
    > coordinates, time of the flare
    > and, if available, an estimation of the magnitude to understand how close the
    > flare centre was.
    Last month, Derek Breit forwarded to the list a report to the MPML list on YahooGroups, of tumbling and flaring:
    Here is a direct link to the full version of the message:
    Observer Tony Dunn was located in San Francisco, and saw the pass of 2011 Nov 22 01:44 UTC. Later in the same thread, he
    reported observing the Nov 23 01:41 UTC pass, and not seeing any tumbling. Derek Breit obtained video of the Nov 23
    pass, which confirms that its brightness appeared steady:
    Perhaps it's not too late for someone to contact Tony Dunn to obtain any additional useful details he can recall, like
    the total number of variations he observed, the time and/or approximate sky position where he first sighted the s/c and
    same info for the flares.
    If there is confidence that he saw the correct object and that the variations were due to tumbling, then this is the
    earliest report of tumbling that I recall seeing. It may be especially noteworthy because it occurred after F-G's orbit
    manoeuvres stopped, but before the first successful radio contact, though that depends on how confident we are that was
    not rotating earlier. 
    Ted Molczan
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