Tiangong 1 Flare

From: Tom Smith (cq_dx@sbcglobal.net)
Date: Fri Dec 09 2011 - 14:42:30 UTC

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    This morning I observed a brief flare (half second or less) from Tiangong 1.  It happened at the highest point of a nearly overhead 
    pass (81 deg) in twilight.  I would guess it brightened by about 1 magnitude.  This was 49 minutes before sunrise, so the angle 
    between Tiangong 1 and the sun was a bit more than 90 deg.
    The sky vas very clear.
    Observation time: 2011 Dec 09, 1408-1413 UTC.
    Tom Smith
    Anaheim, California, USA
    117.972 W  33.842 N
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