observing report

From: abdolreza lavari (a.lavari@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 05 2011 - 19:20:28 UTC

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    Hi all
    Tonight   DEC 5 2011 from  14:45 to 15:10 UTC  I saw 5 satellites
    under moon light
    1-iridium 14 : with a big and nice flash
    2-COSMO-SKYMED  1:(Constellation of Small Satellites for Mediterranean
    basin Observation)
    3-NOAA  12 : this satellite with almost  1.5 sec  time  between
    steady flashes. it  has a transit with moon as  predicted by heavensat
     but I  was not able  to see it against moon  . really I do not  know
    by telescope  It can be  seen or not  .
    4-NOSS 3-4 a and c : double satellite .it seems that 3-4(A) is
    somewhat brighter.
    my location:28.95 N  50.85 E
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