(OT) Equipment Used

From: Brad Young (allenb_young@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Dec 03 2011 - 03:07:14 UTC

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    Some folks have asked what equipment I use for observing. For LEO's (low earth orbit) objects, I have used 12x60 Garrett binoculars for years, until 4 weeks ago, when I had shoulder surgery. Due to very limited use of left arm, I started using Garrett Gemini LW 20x80 binoculars on a Series 500 fluid pan head and tripod, which I am still learning to use.
    For geosats I often use my Orion XT Classic 12" Dobsonian, and star hop. I don't image.
    COSPAR 8336 = TULSA1
    COSPAR 8335 = TULSA2
    +35.8311  -96.1411 1100ft
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